What a Great Time with Friends

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My Birthday Was the Best Ever

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I Have a Lot of Pride for the Company That I Work for

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My Birthday Was the Best Ever

The diamond party bus that I found on your website was the perfect party bus for my 30th birthday party. I have a group of girlfriends that I never seem to be able to get together with because we all have our own families and jobs and lives, so we are all too busy to just get together and hang out at our favorite bar or go out to a club or even just go out for a great meal. So one night I was talking to my husband he suggested us finding a party limo or party limo bus for my birthday. That way we could all go together and have a fabulous time.

I went online and started to look for the perfect ride for us. Many of the websites had some of the things I wanted, but most of the time when I found them they were completely booked up for the time I wanted. Continue reading →

Interesting Facts About Europe And The European Union

Europe is the second smallest and the third most populous continent in the world. It extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Ural and Caucasus mountains in the east. In this section we look at some of the interesting facts about Europe.
A Replica Of The Watt Steam Engine Which Propelled The Industrial Revolution.
A Replica Of The Watt Steam Engine Which Propelled The Industrial Revolution.
Europe – On The Map
A markerEurope – Europe
[get directions]

Europe constitutes 2% of the earth’s surface area and 6.8% of the total land area.
Europe is said to be named after ‘Europa’, a Phoenician Princess in Greek Mythology.
Europe is divided into 50 countries and 6 disputed territories.
Europe was designed for political reasons.
There are 5 peninsulas in Europe namely the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal, Andorra and France), the Balkan Peninsula (Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Macedonia), the Scandinavian Peninsula (Norway and Sweden), the Jutland Peninsula (Denmark and Germany) and the Italian Peninsula or Apennines Peninsula.
Europe is separated from Asia by the Ural and Caucasus mountains.

Aerial View Of The Ural Mountains.
Aerial View Of The Ural Mountains.

Russia is the largest country in Europe. It is also the largest country in the world.
Russia constitutes 40% of Europe’s total land area.
Vatican City is the smallest country (by area and by population) in the world.
Greenland (Denmark) is the largest island in the world.
The Dune du Pilat (France) is the tallest sand dune in Europe.

Aerial View Of Dune du Pilat.
Aerial View Of Dune du Pilat.

Vatnajokull (Iceland) is the largest glacier (by volume) in Europe.
Finland is the most forested country in Europe.
Mt. Etna (3,329m) is the tallest active volcano in Europe. It is located in Sicily, Italy.
River Volga is the longest river in Europe. It is also the largest river (in terms of discharge and watershed) in Europe.
Europe’s largest predator is the brown bear.
Polar bears can be found in the northern stretches of Europe (Greenland and Norway).
Some of the important animals in Europe are tree frogs, wild boars, blue tit, hedgehog, roe deer.

A Snapshot Of The Polar Bear.
A Snapshot Of The Polar Bear.

Russia is the most populous country in Europe.
Germany is the most populous country in the European Union.
Europe has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world. The birth rate is almost stagnant.
The major religions of Europe are Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
The earliest hominid to be discovered in Europe was in Dmanisi, Georgia.
Piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Padua, Italy.
The earliest extant six-string guitar was built by Gaetano Vinaccia in Naples, Italy (in 1779).
The design of the modern classical guitar was established by the Spanish luthier Antonio Torres Jurado.
The violin was also invented first in Europe.
Europe has 7 time zones (UTC+0hrs, UTC+1hrs, UTC+2hrs, UTC+3hrs, UTC+4hrs, UTC+5hrs, UTC+6hrs).
Europe is the birthplace of Western Culture.
The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain during the eighteenth century.
The Statue of Liberty (USA) was constructed in France.

The Statue Of Liberty During Its Construction In France.
The Statue Of Liberty During Its Construction In France.

Both the World Wars (I and II) were principally focused in Europe.
Adolf Hitler was Austrian.
The tallest Ferris wheel (London Eye) in Europe is located in England.
Cricket was invented in England.
The Tomatina Festival of Spain is one of the most unusual festivals in Europe where people throw tomatoes at each other. It is held in the Valencian town of Bunol.
The longest railway line in the world is the Trans-Siberian Railway line. It has connected St. Petersburg to Vladivostok since 1916.

A Train Running Along The Trans-Siberian Railway Line.
A Train Running Along The Trans-Siberian Railway Line.
The European Union

The Institutions of the European Union are the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Council, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Central Bank, the Council of Auditors and the European Parliament.
The European Anthem is ‘Ode to Joy’ composed by Beethoven (ninth symphony) in 1823.
Brussels (Belgium) is the capital of the European Union.
The first direct, democratic election to the European Parliament was held in June 1979.
Greece was the first country to become an associate member of the European Union (in 1981).

The European Central Bank.

The Ultimate Europe Itinerary in under two weeks!

Europe – Culture, Art and the finest delicacies!

Europe: This is where you can find it all! Culture, culinary delights, art and famous monuments.

Who said that you need at least a month to see Europe? We believe that most of Europe can be visited in less than two weeks.


Where to stay: Kensington: Great area for convenient tube connections. The hotel prices are slightly less expensive than around other neighbourhoods so you get more for your money. Around Kensington you will find Harrods, Hyde Park, Wellington Arch, V&A, Science Museum, Natural History Museum and many other famous attractions.

Activities for the day
1. There are a lot of things to see in London. We recommend that you see all of the important sights in your first day in order for you to take a more relaxed approach on the second day and go back to the places you liked the most.

1. Buckingham Palace: a must see for any fan of the Royal Family. But even if you are nottoo fussed about them it is still a beautiful place and it is an experience to see the guards especially when they change over. This happens every day. The official change over time is 11:30, however they start arriving with music at around 11:15. It is advised that you get there early as a lot of crowds gather to see this spectacle.

How to get there: Closest Tube Station to Buckingham Palace is Green Park

2. Piccadilly Circus: The next stop after Green Park is Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly Circus could be considered London’s version of Times Square. Although Londoners don’t quite like that comparison. Piccadilly Circus is impressive at night, but nevertheless it is a great spot to visit during the day. There are a lot of shopping opportunities nearby.

3. Westminster Abby, Big Ben and the London Eye: Three attractions within just meters away from each other. The area around the Big Ben is lovely. Located directly on the Thames River it offers scenic views over the river. On one side you have the Big Ben and on the other side of the river you have the London Eye. A very pleasant spot on a nice sunny day (yes they do happen in England).

How to get there: From Piccadilly Circus catch the tube back to Green Park. From there change to the Grey Jubilee Line to Westminster.

4. London Bridge. Ideally you get there when it is already dark. In summer that may take a while. London Bridge is most impressive at night. There is an abundance of pubs and restaurants nearby, so even if you get there early sit down and enjoy your dinner with scenic views and digest your food on one of the nicest walks across London Bridge.

How to get there: From Big Ben walk across the river to Waterloo Tube Station. From there catch the Jubilee Line to London Bridge.


Activities for the day
1. Catch the tube to Camden Town. This place is not for everyone, but it should be visited for its uniqueness. Camden Town could be considered Punk Central. There is an abundance of Tattoo & Piercing Stores, Shops that sell anything from leather jackets to Steel Cap Boots covered in Studs. Camden Town also features several flea markets, where you can find all sorts of unique items and the odd treasures.

2. Walk through the streets of Soho. Soho is close to the theater district and is known to be the place to meet for anyone who is young, rich and different. Formerly known as a center for sex shops it has undergone a major change. Today Soho is the center for film, music and theater. The odd sex shops remain, but are not dominating this neighbourhood anymore. A pleasant place to walk along and enjoy a coffee at one of the many cafes.

How to get there: From Camden Town catch the tube to Leicester Square. Leicester Square is in the center of Soho.

3. Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Notting Hill. Enjoy a pleasant stroll through this huge park. Hyde Park is more or less located within the Kensington Gardens. Walk through Notting Hill and see how the rich and famous of London live.

How to get there: From Leicester Square walk to Tottenham Court Road tube station and catch the tube to Lancaster Gate. Notting Hill is just 2 stops further from Lancaster Gate.

4. Harrods
The world’s most famous department store. Harrods is the largest department store in Europe and is a must see for every tourist to London. Open until 8pm from Monday – Saturday. Sundays until 6pm.

How to get there: From Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens approx. 1.5kms walking distance.

Day 3: PARIS Eurostar

Catch the Eurostar from London Snt. Pancreas to Paris. The journey time takes around 2.5 hours. Expect to pay anywhere between $50 – $200 for a one way ticket. Prices vary and depend on availability and class. Book in advance.

Where to stay: Louvre. Paris has so many attractions it is hard to find a hotel that is close to all of them. But you certainly can’t go wrong staying just minutes away from the famous Lourve Museum and just 30min walk from the high end shopping street Champs Elyseeys.

Activities for the day
There are a lot of things to see in Paris. We recommend that you see all of the important sights in your first day in order for you to take a more relaxed approach on the second day and go back to the places you liked the most.

1. Eiffel tower: I don’t think we need to describe or explain anything about the tower. Being one of the world’s most famous structures, it does not require further explanation.

How to get there: From your hotel walk to Opera Metro Station and catch the tube to LaMotte Picquet Grenelle. From there change and catch the tube to Champ de Mars.

2. Notre Dame: translated Notre Dame de Paris means “Our lady of Paris”. And a lady she is: Elegant and sophisticated this cathedral is considered as one of the best examples of French Gothic architecture in France.

How to get there: From the Eiffel tower catch the yellow line to St-Michel Notre Dame metro station.

3. Arch de Triumph/Champs Elysees: Do I need to explain any more? One of the most famous and most expensive shopping strips in the world, which ends with one of the most famous monuments in the world; the Arch de Triumph. Even if you don’t feel like a big spender today, it is a beautiful street and window shopping doesn’t cost anything.

How to get there: From St Michel catch the metro to Chatelet. From there change and catch the metro to Champ Elysees.

4. Sacre Coeur: We have left the best for last. Many think the Eiffel tower is the highlight of Paris, but Sacre Coeur has something mystical about it. The church alone is absolutely breathtaking, but its location further contributes to its unbeatable charm. The Sacre Coeur Basilica looms over the city on the highest point and the views are to die for. If it is too late and it is getting dark visit it the next day.
How to get there: From Champs Elysees catch the metro to Concorde and change onto the green line to Abbesses. From Abbesses it is approx. 800metres walking distance.

Day 4: PARIS

Activities for the day
1. River Cruise: We are not a fan of tours, however the best way to cruise along the Seine River is with a pre-booked cruise. There is an abundance of cruises available. You can choose between lunch and dinner cruise. We recommend the lunch cruise. It is cheaper and less formal. Prices vary and range from $40 – $200.

2. Louvre: If you have the time and the patience and you like art then this is an absolute must see. One of the most acclaimed museums in the world it features artists such as Rembrant, Van Gogh and the most famous painting in the world: THE MONA LISA by Leonardo Da Vinci. Find out the mystery about her smile yourself. The lines to get in can be long.

How to get there: The closest metro to the Louvre is: Palais Royal Musee du Louvre.

3. Galeries Lafayette: Shop till you drop in this impressive department store in traditional French design.

How to get there: From Le Pain Quotidien approx. 900meters walking distance.


Catch the Thalys to Amsterdam. The train departs Paris Nord and arrives at Amsterdam CS. The journey takes around 3.5 hours. Prices vary and depend on availability and class. Expect to pay between $40 to $100. Book in advance.

Where to stay: Oud Zuid, also known as the famous Museumkwartier district. Like the name suggests most museums are located in this area. It is not far from the city center and the area itself features an abundance of cafes, shops and restaurants.

Activities for the day
1. Do it like the locals: Hire a bike and ride through the narrow streets. Amsterdam doesn’t have must see attractions like Paris or London. Here you can take it easy and just enjoy the lovely feel of this city. Bikes can be hired from various locations.


Activities for the day
1. Canal Cruise. Cruise along Amsterdam’s canals with one of the many cruise companies. Duck down to cruise underneath one of the many low bridges. Cruising past attractions such as the Casino, the Anne Frank house, the Rembrandt house and many more a canal cruise offers a city tour from a different perspective.

Prices for 30min are around $20.
For more information visit: http://www.amsterdamcanalcruises.nl.
There are many tour companies and most boats run every 30min, so you should not have a problem finding a seat.

2. Concertgebouw
Visit this late 19th century Opera house. Traditional Dutch architecture build to deliver the best sound inside. If you are lucky you might be able to grab tickets for a show for the same night.

3. Red Light District. A must see at night. Not as seedy as one might expect. Amsterdam’s red light district has become a major tourist attraction. Some people even bring their kids! Choose one of the many bars for a drink!


Catch the train from Amsterdam to Berlin. The journey takes around 6hours. Night trains are available. This saves you time as well as money on accommodation. Prices vary and depend on availability and class. Expect to pay around $70 for a one-way ticket. For more information visit http://www.nshispeed.nl/

Where to stay: Berlin Mitte, translated this means Berlin Central. Although geographically it is located in the center of Berlin, the city does not have a center as such. Each neighbourhood stands on it’s own and offers a different experience. Most hotels are located here, hence we are recommending this area.

Activities for the day

1. Brandenburg Gate: Berlin’s most iconic monument. It is featured on the back of three different German Euro Coins.

How to get there: Closest Metro Station = Brandenburger Tor

2. Reichstag: This is the building of the German Parliament. The building itself has a long history. It’s construction took 10 years. It was finally completed in 1894. The glass dome was added in 1999.

How to get there: Approx. 500 meters walking distance from the Brandenburg Gate.

3. Siegessaule: A long (2km) but beautiful walk. From the Brandenburg Gate walk along Straße der 17. Juni. The street is framed by trees and surrounded by a huge park (Tiergarten). This is the same location the annual Love Parade was held, until they moved the celebrations to a different city within Germany.

4. Checkpoint Charlie: This used to be the most frequented crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.The name Charlie came from the letter C in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Today it has become an ultra merchandise memorabilia tourist destination with fake guards posing for photos.

How to get there: From the Siegessäule walk to U-Bahn Hansaplatz. From there catch the U- Bahn to Friedrichstraße. At Friedrichstraße change lines and catch the next one to Kochstraße.


Activities for the day
1. Berlin Wall: See the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall (1km long). After the reunification, artists started painting the former grey wall. Today this stretch of wall has become the largest open-air gallery in the world.
How to get there: Closets Metro = Warschauer Strasse.

2. Kurfürstendamm: Kurfürstendamm is Berlin’s version of the Champs Elyesees. A popular nick name is Kudamm. Here you can find any designer label you are looking for.

How to get there: From Warschauer Strasse catch the U-Bahn to Uhlandstrasse.

3. KADEWE: One of Europe’s oldest department stores. Build in 1907 it is the 2nd largest department store in Europe. It is bold, pompous and big. Here you’ll find everything you are looking for and more. A great shopping destination.

How to get there: From Kurfürtendamm you can walk. Depending on where you are on the Kudamm it can take between 10 – 20 minutes. Alternatively catch the U-Bahn from Kudamm to Wittenbergplatz.


It is approx. 800kms between Berlin and Vienna, thus we recommend that you catch a flight in order to save time. Cheap flights are available if you book ahead.

Where to stay: Innere Stadt: Translated this means Inner City, so basically the city center. One can never go wrong with staying in the city center and since hotels are reasonably cheap compared to London or Paris one can afford to.

Activities for the day
1. Visit the Opera house. One of the most impressive Neo-Renaissance buildings, both inside and out. Best visited at night when the grand chandeliers light up.

Enjoy coffee and cake and the world famous Sacher Cafe located in the Hotel Sacher. Established in 1876 this cafe has been perfecting the art of cake making for over 150 years. Try their Sacher Torte. Not as rich and sweet as one might expect it is best enjoyed with fresh cream on the side.

How to get there: Located right behind the Opera House it is within just 200 meters walking distance from the Opera.

2. Visit the Austrian National Library
This library could easily feature in any Harry Potter movie. The library has been restored beautifully. You will feel transformed back in time.

How to get there: Just 500meters walking distance from Hotel Sacher.

Day 10: VIENNA

Activities for the day:
1. Visit Schonbrunn Palace. This is a picture perfect palace straight out of the movies. Beautifully landscaped gardens (including a labyrinth made out of hedges) are surrounding this 17th Century Palace. Unesco World Heritage Site.
How to get there: Closest train station = Schönbrunn Station.

Day 11: ROME

Fly to Rome. It is approx. 800kms between Vienna and Rome, thus we recommend that you catch a flight in order to save time. Cheap flights are available if you book ahead.

Where to stay: Vaticano: Close to the city state of the Vatican. It is approx. 45min walk away from the sights of Rome, but it is easy to get around with public transport. Vaticano is quiet, simple and beautiful.

Activities for the day
1. Visit the Colosseum. This amphitheater is close to 2000 years old.

How to get there: Closest Metro Station = Colosseo

2. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain. This world famous Baroque Fountain is believed to ensure a return to if you throw a coin in it. If you love this city get rid of your spare change and hope to return to this beautiful place. An estimated 3000 Euros are thrown into the fountain each day.

How to get there: From Colosseo catch the metro to Barbarini Fontana di Trevi.

3. Visit the Pantheon, once a temple to the ancient Greek Gods it now functions as a church.
How to get there: From the Trevi Fountain the Pantheon is within 600metres walking distance.

4. Gelateria La Dolce Vita
Make sure you grab some Gelati when in Rome. There is nothing better than a cold gelati on a hot day! This place has been recommended by many.

How to get there: Approx. 1.5kms walking distance from the Pantheon

Day 12: ROME

Activities for the day
1. Visit Vatican City. The smallest country in the world with only 0.2 square miles in size.

Vatican is a landlocked sovereign city state within the city of Rome. Certain Nationalities require a separate tourist visa. Citizens of the EU, the US, Canada or Australia do not require a separate visa for the Vatican.

1. St. Peter’s Basilica

Arguably one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world the St. Peter’s Basilica is located in the center of St. Peter’s Square.

There are a lot of things to see, but since everything is confined to such a small space it is easy to wander around for yourself and explore the historical buildings and artworks without further guidance.

2. Visit Capitoline Hill. Michelangelo designed the grounds. Capitoline Hill features several art and archeological museums. The grounds themselves are beautiful and worth strolling around.

Music To Enliven Your Eurotrip

Say, you’re at the doorstep of your dream Eurotrip. Literally, as in at the airport. And you can’t enter Europe because the airline lost your bags.

Or, you’re already in Europe. But for whatever reason, you didn’t do your online research properly, and you turn up at an attraction that’s closed. For the rest of the year.

Or maybe there’s really nothing very wrong. You’re just tired. Your feet are killing you. You have a long train ride ahead. You start to long for home.

It happens to every visitor to Europe. Unforeseen circumstances. Unhelpful weather. Visual overkill … … When that happens, the awesome medium that is music is your buddy for the day. Be it sung or an instrumental, music can revitalise your Eurotrip. Outside of despondent moments, music is also the key to perfecting any Eurotrip. The Old World is not meant only to be seen or felt, or tasted. It is also meant to be heard. Music has always and will always be an integral part of Europe.

Here are songs I recommend for visitors to Europe. Sorted by countries.

Disclaimer: I’m no musicologist. Obviously my list is far from exhaustive; for example I left out huge chunks of Eastern Europe. What I’m recommending below is based on what I’ve heard and found to be evocative. If you feel that any song should or should not be included, please do comment.

Criteria of Selection: I refrain from listing only folk or classical music. I’m aiming instead for a broader, more universal appeal. As much as possible, I try to include a mix of everything, from classical compositions, to evergreens, to jazz, to even pop music.

Playlist: Here is the link to the playlist of songs I compiled in Youtube.
Mozart, one of Austria’s most representative musicians.
Mozart, one of Austria’s most representative musicians. | Source

You got to be kidding if you’re beside the Danube and not humming The Blue Danube. You’re really missing out too if you’re in Vienna on New Year’s Eve, and not attending a concert performing this beloved masterpiece.
Not renting expensive audio guides while touring Hapsburg palaces? Then complement your visit with regal Strauss music. The Emperor’s Waltz, Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka, the Die Fledermaus Overture are amongst the most renowned pieces.
Salzburg is the hometown of Mozart. If Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is too common for you, consider some of his opera pieces, such as the Magic Flute. Other Mozart compositions are great too. His Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra in C is my personal favourite. Ave Verum Corpus is perfect when in a tiny, deserted little chapel, with unmarked graves.
Salzburg is also renowned for … … Yes, singing nuns and dainty white flowers. The Sound of Music is nowadays the theme for many days tours in Salzburg. Just try not to terrify the countryside when you bellow the lyrics atop a hill.


Salvatore Adamo holds the proud title of being the bestselling Belgian musician of all time. Performing for more than half a century, he has lots of chanson hits for you to check out. Such as Tombe La Neige or C’est Ma Vie.
Do you know that the saxophone was born in Belgium? Any song featuring the saxophone as the lead instrument has extra meaning in Belgium. My favourite saxophonist, by the way, is Stan Getz.

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With embarrassment, I admit I know nuts about Bulgarian music. Just so that I do not leave out too much of Eastern Europe, I researched online and found Gradil Ilia Kilia. This was listed as a famous Bulgarian folk song. To me, It feels very representative of the more rustic side of Bulgaria.
Czech Republic

Antonín Dvořák is Czech’s foremost contribution to classical music. His most famous composition is The New World Symphony, but that’s for the Americas. While in Czech itself, consider his Humoresques. Listen to this while appreciating the night time splendour of Prague Castle.
The romance of France, expressed through music.
The romance of France, expressed through music. | Source

(France is difficult. There are so many wonderful compositions depicting the many faces of France. What I have here only scratches the surface.)

La Vie On Rose by the immortal Edith Piaf. If you could only listen to one song in France, this is it.
Another appropriate piece by Edith Piaf is Sous Le Ciel De Paris, translated as Under The Sky of Paris. What else could be more romantic during a stroll to the Eiffel tower? Alternatively, April In Paris, the Ella Fitzgerald version, reminds you of everything to love about Paris, and can be enjoyed all year long.
Think misty, brooding beaches. Quiet, foggy villages. Un Homme Et Une Femme. Or A Man And A Woman, by Francis Lai. Watching the movie while snuggling inside a quaint French apartment is a wonderful experience to have on any Eurotrip.
To be honest, the movie was weird to me. (Singing only? No dialogue?) But the Umbrellas of Cherbourg, or Les Parapluies de Cherbourg by Michel Legrand is another French movie soundtrack that has earned permanent place in international fame. It is an evocative piece to enjoy when touring Northern France.

There are many other famous “French” music, even if they aren’t exactly French by birth. Moulin Rouge, the pop version. Les Misérables, etc. A visitor to France should really have no difficulty finding suitable music to enjoy.

Getting The Best Airfare To Murcia

Every year many people from Europe and other parts of the world travel to the beautiful region of Murcia in Spain for their vacations, and taking a holiday in this area has become far more affordable thanks to the ease of finding flights to Murcia at a price that won’t overstretch the budget. This is a destination that is perfect for a break in both the summer and the winter months, thanks to its agreeable climates throughout the year, and whatever time of the year you decide to visit you will find that there are some great deals on flights available. Many people decide to come to this destination each year, from those that wish to enjoy the excellent golf facilities in the Costa Calida area and those that want to enjoy the beauty and charm of La Manga, to those that simply want to kick back and relax on one of the fabulous beaches in the area. And with such great deals available when it comes cheap flights, it is easier than ever to enjoy the ultimate vacation experience in this wonderful and vibrant destination. Murcia has everything you could possibly want for the prefect and satisfying vacation experience, from rich history and heritage and exciting culture, to incredible natural beauty, charming and beautiful destinations, fabulous beaches, exciting entertainment, a host of attractions, an abundance of recreational facilities, and more.

Get a great deal on your flights to Murcia

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Don’t forget your accommodation and extras

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Because the Internet has become more and more secure over the years, booking your flights, accommodations, travel insurance cover, and car hire for your Murcia vacation is not only easy and convenient, but is also safe and secure. You can enjoy arranging your trip under one virtual roof, and spend the rest of your time looking forward to a memorable and exciting holiday.

The Top Five Water Parks In Europe

Adaland Aquapark,Turkey

Adaland is divided into three distinct areas and each of them is guaranteed to cause your family hours of fun whilst on their package holiday. The spiralling slides and windy rides all take place in the Aquapark area and the park is best known for the slithering Yellow Python, a brightly coloured spinning tube which drops you out into a giant splash pool. The remaining areas of the park are the dolphin section, giving you and your family the opportunity to watch daily dolphin shows and afterwards swim with the stars, and the Seapark, which allows you to hand-feed magnificent manta-rays and snorkel amongst Turkey’s marine life, whilst on your package holiday.

Water World, Ayia Napa

Water World claims to be Europe’s biggest water-park, but it is the park’s Ancient Greek styling and not the sheer size of the destination that has coveted it many travel industry awards. There are 18 rides in total from the spinning Aeolos Whirlpool to the rather more sedate Aphrodite’s Pool, a huge relaxing Jacuzzi aimed at the park’s adult visitors. Many of the rides feature height restrictions, but younger children will have hours of fun in the Trojan Adventure, a gentler play structure featuring water pistols and smaller slides.

Aqualand, Tenerife

Aqualand is actually a chain of seven water parks situated in Europe. However the best of the bunch is located on the island of Tenerife. Like all the best water parks, the site features a dolphinarium and the dolphin shows here are the best in Europe. The park is home to a vast array of water based rides and customers that have visited other Aqualand parks, whilst on their family holidays, will be pleased to note that it has all the old favourites from the spiralling Anaconda to the five-slide spectacular, which is the Super Slalom.

Aquasur, Gran Canaria

Aquasur is the Canary Island’s biggest water park and also one of their most popular tourist attractions. The sun holiday daytrip destination is another Aqualand park, and whilst it doesn’t have the friendly dolphins of Tenerife, it instead features a population of sea lions that your children will love swimming with after their spectacular show. All the family favourites feature in this park, including the spiralling Anaconda and the adrenaline packed, Kamikaze and Adrenalina rides.

Fasouri Watermania, Cyprus

Fasouri Watermania won the much coveted award for the best water park at the 2007 World Travel Awards and it isn’t hard to see why. The park remains the biggest in Cyprus and is definitely a must visit for those on a family holiday. There is enough to entertain both adults and children alike and competitive families can organise a race down the six-lane Mat Chaser, to see who’ll be taking on the washing-up duties for the remainder of the package holiday.

The bizarre Crossover game is a lot harder than it looks and involves crossing an activity pool on giant floating orange slices. Smaller children will enjoy playing in the slightly more sedate kiddie pool, and the football pitch and playground give your family the perfect opportunity to dry out before heading home.

Want To Travel To Europe This Summer? Why Not Visit Rome?

A lot of people from all around the world travel to the old city of Rome every year. The city is always described in many ways, different ways depending on who you are and what your interests happen to be. First and foremost, Rome is a city deeply reminiscent of ancient, elder days of greatness.

Literally everywhere you, go old traces of the ancient civilization are forever present, traces of a long gone kingdom of vast importance and magnitude. It blends in with modern Rome, forming a unique relationship together. Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance and many more styles appear like layers between then and now. A modern apartment house can be attached to a medieval church which is next to a cylinder-shaped antique temple.

A good place for tourists to start is the Capitolum which is situated on a hill. The Capitolum was the equivalence of ancient Athens’s Acropolis. People used to come here to pray the Gods in the Temple of Jupiter. Today, the Capitolum is dominated by Michelangelo’s city plan from the 16th century. Proceed down the steps to an area of broken and worn down pillars and mounds of stone. This was the ancient downtown – Forum Romanum – the prototype for a modern city.

Bordering Forum Romanum is perhaps Rome’s most famous figure of architecture, the Colosseum. This was the home of the gladiator-games and stood ready on 80 BC. Not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a well built arena that housed over 55 000 people, three time more than hockey night in Madison Square garden. Take a walk on both levels and admire the view in the summertime, side by side with many other tourists who have decided to travel to Rome.

Just a stone thrown The Ancient temple of Pantheon (meaning Temple of all the Gods), which later became a church, is always a beautiful sight as the sun goes sets over it in the afternoon. It is still used and is one of the best preserved of all the old Roman buildings, and perhaps the best preserved building of its age in the world. The perfectly round hole in the centre of the temple’s ceiling is designed so that it never rains inside, quite an achievement being it was finished in 125 AD.

Further along the way, The Baths of Caracalla is very intriguing. They were Roman public baths, called thermae, the ruins of which have become a popular tourist attraction.

Rome also has many lovely squares and other art treasures from different ages. Piazza Navone is an elongated square which gets very busy at night. The edges of the square are full of restaurants in different price ranges. This is a perfect place to spend and evening with a nice Italian meal together with some whine watching the people bustle around the beautiful fountains.

For all you honeymooners out there who decide to travel to Rome, a must is Piazza di Trevi at night. The beautiful fountain is lit up by lights and the stone benches in front of the fountain is a perfect place to end your night with another bottle of whine on the way back to the hotel (depending on where you live of course).

A Disney World Travel Agent: Five Reasons You Want One to Help With Your Disney Vacation

So you’re planning a vacation to Walt Disney World! Congratulations! There are few vacation destinations that are more anticipated than a family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! Now for the planning details…and when it comes to a Disney vacation, there are many details! Do you have someone helping with the planning? If not, you should consider the services of a specialized Disney World travel agent…and here are five reasons why:

So Much to See and Do

Walt Disney World is an enormous resort property that includes 4 major theme parks, 2 water parks, dozens of hotel properties, literally hundreds of attractions, rides, shows, parades, and fireworks, as well as special events held throughout the year. There is an infinite variety of things to see and do, and for anyone visiting Disney World, it can be overwhelming trying to sort through everything. This is where a Disney World travel agent can be a huge help! From helping you choose when to go and where to stay, to suggesting the best ticket options for your family, a Disney travel specialist will be there helping you plan, every step of the way.

Itinerary Planning So You Don’t Miss a Thing

Popular with everyone who visits Walt Disney World, the many choices for dining, shows, and attractions can again, leave the visitor confused and overwhelmed. Where are the best places to eat with children? How can you dine with the characters? What time are the parade and fireworks? And will my child love…or hate…this ride? These are the types of questions that a Disney World travel agent can help you with. He or she can take the stress out of all the planning by helping you make the best choices for your family. And more importantly: if what you want to see or do requires reservations, your agent will make sure you have them.

Your Agent Knows Disney

There are many wonderful and reputable travel agents, but a Disney World travel agent knows everything there is to know about Disney, and you benefit from his/her knowledge and experience. Disney travel specialists are graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge, certifying them as experts in Disney vacation planning, and in addition have experienced many personal Disney vacations. No one knows more about how to plan a Disney vacation than a specialized Disney agent.

Saving You Money

Disney vacations can be expensive…but they don’t have to be, and having the help of a Disney World travel agent will save you money. Knowing the most current Disney savings, discounts and promotions, your agent will work with you to determine the most affordable option for your Disney vacation. Even better, he or she will watch for deals that come out after you are booked…and if it will save you money, your Disney agent will rebook to get you the savings!

There is No Charge to You!

It is evident that the services of a Disney World travel agent are invaluable. Expertise about everything related to Disney, planning and booking help, and monitoring the deals to save you money…these services can help to make your vacation a wonderful and memorable experience for your family. And the best part of having the help of a Disney specialist? It costs you nothing, as agents do not charge for their services. So how can you afford NOT to have a Disney agent on your side?

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Top 5 Destinations – World Travel Guide

The World Travel Guide provides all the information required regarding the various holiday destinations of the world. The purpose of this guide is to provide all the details about a travel destination and its specialties besides the facilities on offer to its guests.

The World Travel Guide is considered by many to be amongst the most crucial elements, if not the most crucial element in choosing a destination after viewing a similar alternative on the guide. You have all the stuff required to make a decision, the information such as travel connectivity, climate and the ideal time to visit the place are the best features of the guide.

The guide has all the major destinations of the world listed and provides you the best possible base to make the correct decision.

Let us visit the top 5 travel destinations on the World Travel Guide.

The Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal is the pride of India. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located in the North Indian city of Agra. This marvelous marble structure is considered to be the jewel of Muslim art in the Indian sub-continent. The Taj Mahal provides the much needed foreign exchange earnings to India and it is estimated some 4 million visitors experience the beauty of the Taj annually.

Whitsunday Islands: These wonderful islands are part of Australia. The place is a spectacular sight to the human eye as imagine the thought of lovely rainforests and the spectacular coral reefs. Besides, the islands are famous the world over for their warm ocean waters, which are ideal for a dip.

Rio de Janeiro: If you are looking for an ideal beach holiday destination where the fun never seems to end, then you need to be in the marvelous Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. Rio is the known to many as the fun capital of the world. The place has all the facilities for you to have a rocking time and that is not all, Rio boasts of a vibrant night life, which goes way into the next days wee hours. Hence, if you were of the view the sunset marked the end of day, that is not true in this part of the world, as the sunset only marks the beginning of the day for the die-hard party freaks.

Majorca: Alternatively referred to as Mallorca, this beach holiday destination is an ideal Spanish holiday destination. Majorca is all about white sandy beaches and the perfect place to experience the point where the sun, sea and sand meet.

Miami: Miami is a wonderful travel destination in the US. The city has so much to offer its visitors and in order to experience the beauty of Miami in total you need to be there at least for a week. Some of the talking points of the city are the Miami Sky-lift, the Miami Art Museum, the Homestead Miami Speedway, the Dolphin Stadium and much more.

Those were the top 5 travel destinations of the world. Like the destinations mentioned above, there are thousands of other descriptions available on the World Travel Guide. Hence, it is recommended you please go through the World Travel Guide as it will only help you choose the correct place.

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I Have a Lot of Pride for the Company That I Work for

I invite everyone I meet to view our website to learn more about the company that I work at. Each employee is given a referral number, and if anyone is kind enough to use it when they rent a party bus from us, employees get to have a percentage of the purchase price! I love it, and it comes in hand because I work so hard at recruiting new clients. That said, the service that we provide mostly speaks for itself because it’s so unique and interesting to people.

When I head through a family friend that he knew of a company looking for a full-time driver, I knew that I wanted to apply right away. But I had no idea just how much I would enjoy the job. Continue reading →